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P o T S    a n d    E x e r c i s e

PoTS patients often find that their symptoms leave them more deconditioned and intolerant to any form of exercise or exertion then before becoming unwell. Some patients have experienced improvement in their PoTS symptoms after building up leg and core strength as well as overall general fitness. This is best started after consulting a doctor or specialist for advice, especially if at risk of collapsing or fainting.


Exercise should be started slowly at low intensity levels and slowly built up as each individually patient feels ready. Patients have noted that they can tolerate mild exercise better if they are well hydrated before and during any form of physical exertion. Consult your doctor for medical advice before you any activity program.

Patients have noted that some of the best forms of exercise that they have tolerated are:

recumbent cycling



horse riding


Gradually some patients have built in activities such as rowing and walking. It is important that every individual listens to their own body limits. Time to recuperate may need be factored in as patients often suffer a worsening of some symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion after exercising.

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