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D i a g n o s i s

For a diagnosis of PoTS you need ​​an increase in heart beat of at least 30 beats per minute within ten minutes of changing posture-from laying to standing.

- Tilt Table Test -

A tilt table test involves lying on a table that can be tilted and having your blood pressure and heart rate monitored. You will lay flat until your body settles and you feel more relaxed and then the table will be tilted into an upright position. You will be securely attached to the table with a step for your feet to stand on so you are safe throughout. You will be asked to alert the team or clinician to any symptoms you are feeling throughout the test so it can be noted.  


A tilt test can last up to 45 minutes although you can end it at any time if you feel unable to carry on. Afterwards, the doctor will be able to see if your heart rate statistics match the criteria for a a diagnosis.

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