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P o T S    a n d    T e m p e r a t u r e

PoTS sufferers often report an intolerance to temperature changes. Although some have noted that they struggle with colder temperatures, most patients struggle with warmer conditions.

- Why can heat be a problem? -

Heat can cause blood vessels to dilate and widen. For PoTS patients, this can often lead to increased blood pooling in the legs or lower extremities.


This can increase PoTS symptoms as the heart works harder to pump blood around the body

- What can help? -

Making sure you have fans appropriately placed around your home and smaller fans to take out with you can be helpful. On a hot day or in a warm environment it is important to keep your fluid intake high to prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Pressing ice packs on pressure points or areas where you feel flushed might provide some temporary relief. It is important that the ice packs are covered with a cloth and not directly placed on to the skin as this can cause painful ice burns.

For those who struggle at night, there are products available such as 'chillow pillows' and fans which circulate air under your bed sheets at night. Some of these products can be expensive so it is important to look for reviews to see if you think they might be worthwhile.

Cooling sprays such as 'magicool' or even cold water in your own spray bottle can help to temporarily alleviate severe problems in the heat.

There are ranges of cooling vests, hats and scarves which use cool water to keep you feeling less hot. There are also jewellery ranges such as 'hot girls pearls', which use large beads that can be frozen and then worn around the wrist and neck to help with heat intolerance.

It is useful to do your own research into which products might help you best based on your individual needs.

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