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P o T S    a n d    T r a v e l

- Flying -

Many PoTS sufferers can be concerned about flying, particularly for the first time with their symptoms. It can often be useful to contact the airline to inform them of your health conditions and worries so that they can try to offer as much help as they can. Planning in advance of travelling can be useful. On occasions when you do not want to aggravate your symptoms before a flight, it is important to consider what your day might involve. Will you be able to walk and stand around the airport when necessary? If you feel this might be too much before a flight, you could contact the airport regarding the use of a wheelchair or assistance before your journey.

Compression stockings can be very helpful during a flight to help prevent blood pooling. Some compression stockings and tights can be prescribed via your GP although you can also buy them online. Make sure you measure yourself so they fit properly, and try wearing them a few times to see if you are comfortable before using them on a journey. Getting up on a flight (when appropriate) and walking around to move your legs can be helpful for your circulation, particularly with PoTS.

It is important that you drink lots of water so that you do not dehydrate and worsen your PoTS symptoms. Some people find it is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine temporarily around the time of travelling as this might exacerbate tachycardia.

- Driving -

It is vital that you notify the DVLA about any health conditions which may impact on your ability to drive. A diagnosis of PoTS should, by law, be disclosed to the DVLA so they are aware of your medical situation. The DVLA can then make an assessment on whether you are fit to drive and can continue as normal. Disclosing a medical condition does not necessarily mean you will have your driving license taken away. If you fail to notify the DVLA of any relevant health issues and medications you may take, you can be prosecuted. It is worth noting that you may be eligible for a blue badge to help with parking. For more information on this, go to our Disability Help page. 

- Public Transport -


You may be entitled to one of the following:

Freedom Pass

Disabled Person's Railcard

Local Train Network Priority Pass

Local Authority Bus Pass

For more information please visit our Disability Help page.

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