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P o T S    a n d    D i e t

Most patients find that eating smaller meal sizes helps prevent an onset of severe symptoms. This is because less blood is needed to help digest smaller amounts of food and can lessen tachycardia or other PoTS symptoms.


Many sufferers report that eating little and often helps them to take on the calories and nutrients they need throughout the day, without worsening their symptoms to a significant level. Some find that eating in cooler environments can be helpful and prevent them from feel flushed or overheated.

Ask your doctor about your salt intake. PoTS patients are often recommended to increase salt in their diet but there may be circumstances where this is not applicable or advised due to high blood pressure or other medical problems.

If your doctor does wish for you to follow a high salt intake diet, it can be useful to carry or store salty snacks or food in places that you might find useful. For example, by your bed along with water, so you can hydrate and increase your salt before getting up in the morning. Some people like to carry water and salty snacks around with them when they are out to pre-empt or help with symptoms.

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