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Autonomic Charitable Trust

The Autonomic Charitable Trust (ACT) is a fantastic charity which has a dual mission; to raise awareness of autonomic disorders (which remain under-recognised), and to advance clinical research into conditions affecting the autonomic nervous system. They intend to improve knowledge of autonomic conditions amongst GP’s and hospital staff. Steady progress is being made, but much more is needed if it is to help the many with often undiagnosed or mistreated conditions. The ACT much longer aim is to foster establishment of autonomic centres in major UK institutions.

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Registered charity number: 1145562

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About Us

UK Potsies is a campaign and organisation dedicated to raising Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome awareness in the UK. We are a member of Genetic Alliance UK. We aim to reach out and help sufferers as well as raise funds for the Autonomic Charitable Trust (ACT)- a charity raising funds to research autonomic disorders such as PoTS.

UK Potsies also provide an online haven for other PoTS sufferers – or anyone who may be closely affected – to come together for help and support.  Together we are doing all we can to spread the word about this rare and chronic illness and raise funds for a fantastic research charity. Please contact us with your own stories and experiences at

Our motto: “PoTS – Life can still blossom!

Uk Potsies

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- Helen

Helen's Story

"If something will open up opportunities and enable you to reach parts of life in even a small way that are currently out of bounds altogether, then that is enabling, not disabling".

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